Is There An App For That?


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“There’s an app for that.” Apple made it seem so easy. Want to pay your bills? There’s an app for that. Tracking your expenses on a business trip? There’s an app for that. Checking stocks or sports scores? There are apps for that. It seems there is an app for everything. Well, almost everything.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app that could give you the perfect marriage or the perfect family? Unfortunately, such an app would be impossible as perfection is impossible. But God’s Word does hold many key principles for family and marital life, that when followed, bring tremendous results.

In this 5 week sermon series, we’ll cover everything from romance, to disagreements, teamwork, and peace in the home. Healthy marriages produce healthy families which produce healthy churches!

Download includes:


  • Bulletin
  • Icons
  • Poster
  • Touch Card
  • PPT Backgrounds
  • Web Graphic


  • 5 sermons
  • 5 PPT files


  • Sermon Intro Bumper (MPEG)


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